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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tips for Hands Care


Hands tells everything about yourself, how you take care of your body.

Hands are the first part of the body to show your age and need quiet a lot of pampering and care to keep off wrinkles and keep them looking young, soft and beautiful.


The skin on your hand is thin and delicate, therefore take special care of them.

Do not let the skin on hands dry and moisturize them often to keep off the wrinkles.

Wear gloves every time you wash dishes or handwash clothing. Use it while you do gardening as well.

Put lotion on your hands after you wash them every time to keep mosturized.

Sun exposure damage skin so use sunscreen lotion on hands before heading out.
Use a mild pH soap like Dove when washing your hand.

Use hand cream often, it protects your hands.
Get manicure done often that practice good sanitation.  

Warm hands are key to better skin and good health. Cold hands often lead to colds and flu infections.

Mix glycerin, lemon juice and a few drops of rose water and use it to massage your hands every other day.


For dry hands after washing your hands with soap, wet them again. Pour salt on your hands and then scrub them under water. Dry hands and apply moisturizer on them.

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