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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Herbal Foot Care


A beautiful and healthy feet is true reflection of your personality. Feet are the part of the body that speaks volumes on a person’s personality.

In the complete human body feet are the mist strained and worked out part, but inspite of this are the most neglected one also. Lack of proper care for feet result in many problems like corns and bunions, cracks, infections and ingrown nails.

You have to regularly take care of your feet. Massaging the feet each night with oil is relaxing and keeps them soft and supple.

Herbal Tips:

Walking barefoot
on rough surfaces or excessive exposure of bare feet to the sun, wind or water causes cracks on the heels and soles, which cause dryness and roughness of the feet.

For smelly feet
, an alternate day soak in warm water mixed with lavender oil and a pinch of salt, works wonders. It is a nerve relaxant as well.

A few drops of vinegar, mixed with 50 grams of curd, when rubbed thoroughly on heels, between toes and all over the feet, then left to stay for 10 minutes; will cleanse the feet well, removing all dead cells, when washed off.

Use cornstarch as a foot powder to help absorb moisture and reduce friction. Add some ground lavender flowers or orris root powder for scent, if you like.
Use a pumice stone on your heels after a footbath to remove dry, dead skin. Wet and rub in a circular motion.
Give yourself an occasional foot and hand massage, using herbal massage oils, very relaxing and softening at the same time.
Make sure your nails are perfectly dry before applying polish, or you'll promote fungus.

To soften rough feet, try this regimen every night before going to bed, for two weeks. Dip the feet in warm water containing a teaspoon of (preferably herbal) shampoo and one teaspoon of baking powder. Let them soak for 10- 15 minutes, before drying them. Apply a foot cream and then go to sleep.

A mixture of glycerine and rose water applied every night before bedtime helps keep feet soft and glowing, especially the heels.
Almond oil massaged onto feet before bedtime keeps cracks and dry skin at bay, especially during winters.
Application of Aloe Vera gel on your feet daily will keep them well moisturised and free of diseases like athlete’s foot.

Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon of mango tree sap and 1 tablespoon water to the cracked skin.

Wash and dry feet daily. Remove dead skin cells by gently scrubbing corns, calluses and heels with a pumice stone.


A easy pedicure which is fast and effective
can be done easily at home. It is herbal and natural and fast acting. Add a few (four to five) drops of vinegar to four or five table spoons (40-50 grams) of curd and mix well in a dish. Rub this mixture well on the feet, ankles, heels and the soles of the feet especially between the toes.


  1. Thanks for the good information you've shared here on how to keep our feet healthy in natural way.

  2. Healthy feet start with good hygiene. Thoroughly clean and scrub your feet with soap and water when you bathe. Afterward, dry them well. Fungal organisms love moisture, so depriving them of any wetness will make it more difficult for them to thrive.

  3. It is very helpful at least we can do it our Selves at home..without spending 2 much money. THANKS