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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Home Remedies to Stay Cool in Summer

How to stay cool in hot summer? 

Keeping yourself cool in summer is not only about comfort but also protection from various health conditions. In such hot weather it's almost impossible to keep yourself away from excessive heat and sun burns.
--> But here in my article, i am going to tell you some very affective ways to keep your self safe from heat.

10 ways to stay cool during hot weather:

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water to replace any electrolytes and minerals lost through sweating. The vinegar replenishes the body in the same way that sports drinks do.

Cool Compress:

Place a cool cloth on the back of the neck, forehead and wrists to help cool down the body and alleviate some of the discomfort of heat exhaustion.

Eat More Bitter Foods:
Choose green leafy veggies, coffee ( in moderate amount ), raw cacao, dandelions, asparagus and cucumber. Use them in salads, they will help to reduce heat generation in your body.

Avoid taking more  Salt:

Although a dehydrated body lacks salt, consuming salty foods will not help. In fact, the salt will cause your stomach to hold fluids longer, which doesn’t allow for adequate distribution of the liquid to the rest of your body so that you can produce enough sweat.

Reduce Caffeine Intake:

Caffeine is known to speed up the dehydration process and cause the body to sweat more than normal. Avoiding this stimulant can help the body rebound quicker.

Peppermint Tea:

Drink a cup of peppermint iced tea to cool down your overheated body, as well as provide hydration.

Energy Drinks:

When symptoms of heat exhaustion arise, you can replenish the body with sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade.


Cool down your body by wearing a headband, which collects sweat on your brow and helps keep you from overheating.

Elevate Your Feet:

To get rid of the dizziness associated with heat exhaustion, elevate your feet to encourage blood flow to return back to the brain.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! Even though summer is coming to a close, it is still pretty warm outside. I think that keeping hydrated is especially important because you should always be replenishing your body with fluids. If you are at home, make sure that you get some air condition repair done to your unit if it ever breaks down because the last think that you want is to stay in a house with no cool air circulating.