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Lips Care in Summer:

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  • Lips Care in Summer:

    Home Remedies for dry, rough, and spotted lips.

    Rose petals with milk:If your lips have become dry and rough you can cure them easily. Mix rose petals and milk together. Apply the mix on your lips regularly to get a soft and smooth feeling.

    Beetroot Juice: Using beetroot (Chukandar) juice on your lips regularly 
    will help you to get soft and pink lips. This will also help you to remove dark marks on your lips.

    Sugar and Honey method: First mix a bit of white sugar/brown sugar and honey together. Then pour olive oil and a little of lime 
    or lemon juice to make a mixture. Scrub in circular motion. Wash off with warm water, dry. Apply good lip balm, or even better apply vitamin E to lips.

    Almond and Milk Treatment: Take almonds, butter, and milk to make a paste. After you wash your lips, apply this mixture and let it stay on your lips for at least one hour. Continue using this treatment daily for several weeks 
    to lighten the darker lips.

    Cigarettes, coffee, and tea stain your teeth, they can also darken lips. Give your lips a break from these potential stainers.


    1. I agree with what was posted before... Home remedies are the most effective definitely. Will try them.

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