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Friday, September 16, 2011

Skin Care with Olive Oil

Olive oil
is the most popular and ancient fruit.

Not only the skin
, it's very useful for your body as well.

Using it in cooking
keeps you healthy.

See below i am going to tell you some home remedies about use of olive oil.

Skin Care with Olive oil

Olive oil provides a smooth and radiant complexion.

Olive oil has high levels of Vitamin A and E, both of which have antioxidant qualities. Which acts as Anti-aging.

Olive oil helps maintain elasticity of skin.

Olive oil is a Natural Moisturizer. It also speeds the healing of minor cuts, acne scars, and wounds.

Apply olive oil with few drops of rosewater 10 minutes before bathing on whole body. It Moisturize your skin.

Once a week exfoliate your skin using sea salt mixed with olive oil. Use a soft cloth to apply the salt blend in small circles over your whole face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. This removes old, dead skin and leaves your skin looking younger and fresher.

Olive oil is a Natural Conditioner, it helps bringing shine into your hair and moisturize them.

You would be amazed to hear that Olive oil can also be used as a Make Up remover. Soak a piece of cotton with 1 or 2 drops of olive oil and apply it on your eyes and face to gently remove make up.

Olive oil acts as a best solution for dry nails and dried up cuticles. Use one drop olive oil on your nails and gently massage around it.

Hope these tips could solve many problems of your's :).....


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  3. These are great tips. I use OO as scrub and also on my feet - so nice and soft. Will have to try some of the other tips.

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  5. Olive and papaya are best for skin care and hair care.
    They have special ingredients which enhance hair growth.