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Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Tips to Loose Weight !!!

Easy to follow.... quick tips to shape up your body. No CRASH DIET or HARD EXERCISES needed.

  • Substitute your cup of tea or coffee with green tea. Green tea is rich in flavanoids and vitamin C. Both these components stimulate weight loss in your body.
  • Drinking a glass of red wine at night along with your dinner is a good way to shed the flab. Red wine contains a substance called as pyruvate which forms in our bodies naturally during digestion.
  • Stay away from sugar. Substitute it with honey or a sugar free alternative wherever possible.
  • Do not take elevator on your way to home or work. Instead, take the stairs to burn some calories.
  • Do not gulp down huge quantities of food. Instead resort to small portions and increase the frequency of your intake so that your body does not store fat.
  • Increase the amount of fruits and vegetable that you consume as they help you in losing weight.
  • Staying away from processed food is one of the best home remedies to lose weight.
  • Befriend water. Drinking adequate water is one of the effective home remedies to lose weight. Water helps you in burning calories and in turn losing weight.
  • Squeeze half a lemon in lukewarm water, add a spoon of honey, and sip at regular intervals to lose weight. This mixture helps in suppressing your hunger and reduces your intake of food to a great extent. This method is one of the safest and most recommended home remedies to lose weight.

SECRET TIP: Lemon is very useful in losing weight, it helps to reduce the fat.

How to Use?

Take a glass of warm water add a spoon of honey and lemon in it. Drink this early morning or whenever needed.

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